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Date:7/19/2016 03:47:10 PM

This year, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies will continually release a number of agricultural policy, since the policy released at different times, different implementation time, when used in the agro-business friends do not know where to find them. We have compiled the 2016 Encyclopedia agricultural policy, must be read carefully, and covered up, especially the kind of subsidies, which are all money!
First, subsidies Daquan
1. grain direct subsidy policy
The central government continue to implement direct subsidies to grain farmers, subsidies to 14.05 billion.
2. The comprehensive agricultural subsidies
The central government continue to implement comprehensive agricultural subsidies to grain farmers, seed comprehensive agricultural subsidies 107.1 billion.
3. The seed subsidy policy
The central government allocated 20.35 billion crop seed subsidies.
4. purchase of agricultural subsidies
Purchase of agricultural subsidies in all the country's agricultural counties in the (field) scope of implementation, for the 11 categories of subsidies for equipment types 43 subclasses 137 items.
5. agricultural subsidies scrapped
Used scrapped subsidies and farm machinery purchase subsidy convergence, simultaneous implementation.
The central government allocated 20.35 billion crop seed subsidies.
6. The new agricultural policy tilt business entities
Subsidies to 23.4 billion yuan to support moderate scale operation, focusing on tilt to large professional, family farms and farmers' cooperatives.
7. wheat, rice price policy
Production of wheat in 2016 (third class) minimum purchase price of 118 yuan per 50 kilograms; indica rice production in 2016 (third class, the same below), late indica rice and japonica minimum purchase price was 133 yuan per 50 kilograms, 138 yuan and 155 yuan.
8. grain (oil) county incentives
The central government allocated grain (oil) county incentives fund 35.1 billion yuan, reward fund from the provincial financial support for food production and industrial development of the province.
9. pigs county incentives
3.5 billion of subsidies for pig farms, sheds transformation, introduction of improved varieties, waste treatment.
10. The target price of agricultural policy
Actively explore food, pigs and other farm target price insurance pilot to carry out business loans to pilot scale food production.
11. Create dish nectar standardization policy
Create a number of large-scale cultivation, standardization of production, brand marketing of vegetables, fruits, tea standardization demonstration area.
12. The key technology disaster prevention and mitigation grants
The central government allocated stable output of agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation technology grant funds, in the main wheat producing province to achieve the "one Yipensanfang" full coverage.
13. soil testing and fertilizer subsidy policy
The central government invested 700 million yuan to continue to further promote soil testing and fertilizer.
14. The policy to promote high-yielding sugar Liangmian
Arrangements 2 billion, produced by the change in low-yielding, the middle variable yield, high-yield sustainable, sugar, cotton and oil to enhance the production capacity.
15. A fertilizer, pesticide policy of zero growth
9.96 million yuan of special financial arrangements to carry out low-toxic biological pesticide subsidies demonstration pilot.
16. Farmland Protection and quality improvement subsidy policy
800 million subsidy to encourage and support Straw strengthen planting green manure, organic fertilizer, soil improvement, soil fertility, improving the rural ecological environment, improve the quality of cultivated land.
17. Facilities agricultural support policy
Agricultural support large, family farms, farmers' cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and other facilities engaged in large-scale land necessary for food production.
18. Promoting modern seed industry development policy support
Liangmian main producing areas in 140 counties to create a new variety show demonstration, on-site technical training and demonstration activities, select varieties for farmers, use of advanced cultivation techniques to provide guidance and services.
19. The traceability system policy
Traceability system required to run the equipment conditions, strengthening grass-roots information collection, supervision, inspection, supervision of law enforcement capacity building, advocacy and training.
20. The quality and safety of the county to create policy
80 million yuan of financial subsidies to support the quality and safety of agricultural county activities to create a system of subsidies for the creation of focus, Models for exploration, training of personnel.
21. livestock breeding subsidies
Investment subsidies 1.2 billion livestock breeding, farm project for the province, ecological farms, family farms (farmers) to buy quality game farming or yak bull and ram given price subsidies.
22. Livestock breeding standardization policy
Standardized scale pig breeding base class building and cows standardized scale farming community building (including wild animals).
23. The animal epidemic prevention subsidies
Animal diseases compulsory vaccination vaccine subsidy policy, animal disease culling subsidy policy.
24. grassland ecological protection subsidy policy
States continue in 13 provinces (regions) to implement grassland ecological protection subsidy policy 19 billion yuan.
25. The dairy alfalfa development policy support
The central government allocated 300 million yuan to support the construction of yield and quality of alfalfa demonstration area, construction area of ​​3,000 acres as a unit, a one-time subsidies to 1.8 million yuan (600 yuan per mu).
26. Diesel fisheries subsidies
Oil prices continue to implement fisheries subsidies, and subsidies for ways and means to improve.
27. The primary processing of agricultural production support policy
Arranged 600 million yuan of funds transfer payment, take the "first build up" approach, according to an average of no more than a single facility construction cost of 30% of the standard implementation of the national unified relative subsidy.
28. rural biogas policy
Scale livestock farming matching, developed in the aquaculture and farming areas polluted with manure as a raw material construction.
29. The development of agricultural resources to recuperate pilot policy
Heavy metals contaminated soil to carry out comprehensive prevention and control of agricultural origin, to carry out agricultural non-point source pollution control and actively explore the agricultural ecological compensation mechanism constructed.
30. Occupational farmers cultivate new policy
1.1 billion funding arrangements for the training of farmers in the entire four provinces, 20 municipalities and 500 whole demonstration counties in key demonstration nurtured.
31. Rural Policy and Talents
Organization and implementation of the "National Top Ten farmers" funded projects, in the selection of 10 outstanding new farmers planting and breeding industry representatives, each giving $ 50,000 funding.
32. Development of the new rural cooperative financial institutions policy
Management system to further improve the new rural cooperative financial institutions, a clear regulatory responsibilities of local governments, encouraging local establish a risk compensation fund, effectively guard against financial risks.
33. farmer cooperative development policies
Support the development of large-scale, professional, modern management, allow direct financial resources to invest in eligible cooperatives.
34. Agricultural Insurance Policy Support
The central government provides subsidies for agricultural insurance premium varieties of 15, 40% of the Midwest subsidies, subsidies for the eastern part of 35%.
35. In support of ecological farms, family farms development policy
Promote the implementation of agriculture-related projects, financial subsidies, tax incentives, credit support, collateral, agricultural insurance.
36. In support of ecological farms, family farms development policy
Promote the implementation of agriculture-related projects, financial subsidies, tax incentives, credit support, collateral, agricultural insurance, facilities, land and other related policies.
37. Policies to develop scale operation
Orderly transfer of land management rights, innovation and scale of land transfer mode of operation.
38. improve the rural land contract and management rights is indeed the right registration certification policy
Continue to expand the scope of the pilot, and then select Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Gansu, Ningxia, Jilin, Guizhou, Henan and other nine provinces (autonomous regions).
39. The national modern agriculture demonstration zones policy
Continue to implement the "Yijiangdaibu" policy, the central budget capital investment of 600 million yuan to increase the coordination of financial support to the demonstration area.

Second, the agricultural subsidy programs and the amount of subsidy
1. Ministry of Agriculture, breeding
(1) livestock and poultry breeding base project application;
(2) grain seed breeding base project application;
(3) small grains breeding base project application;
(4) aquatic breeding base project application;
(5) vegetables (edible mushrooms) breeding base project application;
(6) tea seed breeding base project application;
(7) flower seed breeding base project application;
(8) standardization livestock and poultry farming district pilot projects;
(9) Fruit breeding demonstration base project application;
(10) silkworm breeding demonstration base project application;
(11) cage breeding base project application;
(12) Straw livestock project application;
(13) biogas project application;
(14) forest projects declared;
(15) Agricultural facilities project application;
(16) crop yield research project application.
2. Processing
(1) food processing project application;
(2) fruit and vegetable processing project application;
(3) declare animal products processing projects;
(4) oil processing projects declared;
(5) aquatic products processing projects declared;
(6) bio-engineering project application;
(7) of agricultural high-tech industrialization project application;
(8) Food Processing class project application;
(9) liquid milk processing projects declared;
(10) hops malt class processing project application.
3. distribution facilities
(1) Preservation class project application;
(2) wholesale distribution center project application.
4. Infrastructure
(1) low-yielding farmland in the project application;
(2) water-saving irrigation project application;
(3) Field water circuit transformation project application;
(4) Small or Medium Irrigation reservoirs in the project application;
(5) saline transformation project application;
(6) sandy wasteland renovation project application;
(7) grassland construction project application.
5. Development and Reform Commission
(1) national comprehensive agricultural development project application;
(2) the national agricultural comprehensive development industrial operation projects declared;
(3) Chinese herbal medicine production funds to support the project application;
(4) National Agricultural Comprehensive Development industry of special projects reporting.
6. The Ministry of Finance
(1) national comprehensive agricultural development project application;
(2) the national agricultural comprehensive development industrial operation projects declared;
(3) Chinese herbal medicine production funds to support the project application;
(4) National Agricultural Comprehensive Development industry of special projects reporting.
7. Department of Commerce
(1) "Ten Thousand Villages" Marketing Project pilot projects;
(2) circulation of agricultural products "green channel" project.
(1) SME Technology Innovation Fund project application;
(2) declaration of agricultural scientific and technological achievements into capital;
(3) projects to promote national reporting;
(4) declare the national high-tech research projects.
The amount of subsidies
1. Industry leading enterprises and the "one county a special" Industry Development Pilot Project (300-800 million)
2. The comprehensive development of agriculture industrialization of agriculture projects (50 million -300 million)
3. Comprehensive Agricultural Development forestry projects (not less than 1.2 million)
4. The new cooperative agricultural development demonstration projects (50 million -200 million)
5. The comprehensive agricultural development of land management projects (about 500 million)
6. Modern Agriculture Park pilot to declare the project (10-20 million)
7. The medium-sized irrigation water saving reform projects (not less than 10 million)
8. support for the "vegetable basket" project production (less than 3 million)
9. Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural development projects (breeding, planting advanced characteristics project 200-500 million)
10. A large biogas projects invested by the central (100-200 million)
11. The primary processing of agricultural produce project grants (about 30% of the total investment)


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